Your outfit is not complete without a monogram!
Your outfit is not complete without a monogram!
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Monogram Etiquette

All About Monograms

Monogram means “one letter” or a single symbol created by overlapping your initials. However, that does not mean your monogram has to overlap. We offer various styles and fonts for you to choose from. 


The Challenge

What happens if you have a complicated last name? 

That’s easy! Names like McRobert merely take the first letter of their name. 

Hyphenated names must choose the first initial due to the current unavailability of four letter monograms. 

If you have two middle names, please pick one initial of your preference.


Fun Twists

Monograms for couples take the first initial of one name (typically starts with the male first), the initial of their last name, and the initial of the other name (typically end with the female). For example John Canteberry and Simran Canterberry would be JCS.

For individuals, the order for initials goes: First name initial, Last name initial, and Middle name Initial. For example Lola Gail Morris would be LMG.