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Monogram Navy Sherpa



Product Type: Personalized

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These navy sherpas with fun printed lining are all the rage this season! Be sure to get one before they are gone!


General Info-

  • In the box provided please enter your monogram the EXACT way you wish to have it appear on your item. The way you enter your initials in the text box, is the way that our team will monogram your item. Just please make sure you double check the letters that you enter. Please use capital letters when entering your initials for your monogram.

The Monogram-

  • Most customers prefer to have their monogram in an order where the letter of the last name appears larger than the rest in the center, between the first name initial and the middle name initial.

3 Letter Monogram Example-

  • Lola Gail Morris’ monogram would appear as LMG. That is the way that you need to enter the monogram initials in the text box provided

1 or 2 Letter Monogram-

  • We are able to just embroider your item with one or two initials as well, just indicate the letters that you want embroidered in the text box.
  • In the case of just embroidering two letters we will make those the same size and they will be side by side

No Monogram-

  • If you decide to not have your item monogrammed in that order, that is perfectly fine. Just put N/A in the text box space. 


  • Look through the fonts we offer carefully before selecting the one you want. We want you to like what the letters look like on your item.


  • If you are confused or have ANY questions at all, please reach out to us via email at